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HIMO C26 Max Red

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Affordable, Long Range, City E-bike

25 KMPH/15 MPH top speed, 100 KM/62 Mile assisted range, 26" puncture-resistant tyres, 7 speed Shimano transmission, 250W motor.


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25 KMPH/15 MPH


100 KM/62 Miles




7 Speed


250 W


Super light aluminium alloy

About HIMO C26 Max Red
Affordable, Long Range, City E-bike

Affordable, Long Range, City E-bike.
25 KMPH/15 MPH top speed, 80 KM/50 Mile assisted range, 26" puncture-resistant tyres, 7 speed Shimano transmission, 250W motor.

Top Speed 25 KMPH/15 MPH
Range 100 KM/62 Miles
Tyres 26" puncture-resistant tires
Transmission 7 Speed, Shimano
Motor High-efficiency DC brushless motor, 250 W
Battery Removable, 48 V, 10 Ah lithium battery
Charging Time 3~5 hours
Frame Super light aluminium alloy frame
Shock Absorption Saddle and tyres
Brakes Front and rear mechanical disc brakes
Display HD LCD display
Weight ~25 KG/55 LBS
Load Capacity ~100 KG/220 LBS
Waterproof IPX5 waterproof design
Warranty - All warranties are covered by their respective manufacturers/suppliers. They will work directly with the customer to diagnose the problem and find a satisfying solution, which ensures a speedy resolution and minimal inconvenience.
Accessories - Bell
- Hidden air pump


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HIMO C26 Max

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